The Four Freshmen
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There are pictures galore depicting the long and very successful career of the Four Freshmen. In this beautifully produced book, Ross Barbour tells how the group got their name, their early influences and many friends. Unfortunately, Ross died before the book was printed. His high school sweetheart and wife, Sue, wrote a love letter that is included at the end of the book, with even more pictures of their life together. Appendix I is a listing of all The Four Freshmen albums with notes by Ross Barbour - ALL the albums. Apendix II give a listing of all the different guys who sang together as The Four Freshmen.

From 1948 to the present there has been a continuously active vocal group named The Four Freshmen.

"... When I go to Heaven and God tells me I can have my own jukebox with100 songs on it to listen to for the rest of eternity, you can be sure that at least 10 or 20 of the songs I would pick would be those early Four Freshemn records." ~ Brian Wilson

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NOW YOU KNOW the Story of The FOUR FRESHMEN, Limited Edition

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